Here you can find all my (self) published papers. Please let me know if you've spotted a mistake, or if you have feedback at

Papers (self published)

Constraint based physics solver
This was written for my specialization. It gives an introduction to the Gauss-Seidel solver described by Erin Catto's Iterative Dynamics paper. More info can be found here.
Comparison between Projected Gauss-Seidel and Sequential Impulse Solvers for Real-Time Physics Simulations
First paper written for my graduation. More info can be found here.
3D Constraint Derivations for Impulse Solvers
Second paper written for my graduation. More info can be found here.


F# - fun with game physics
I worked on this book as editor in the early stages.


Here are a couple presentations I once gave at IGAD (at student organized meetings) on request of a couple of students.

Variable time step smoothing filter
This presentation introduces a simple low-pass filter.
Exponential moving average filter
A continuation on the low-pass filter.
Understanding surface integrals for (graphics) programmers
An introduction to surface integrals.
Sequential Impulse Solver for Rigid Body Dynamics
A very quick overview of the sequential impulse solver. This was my intermediate graduation presentation.