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Duration: ±7 weeks
Date: November-December 2012
Course: Mobile programming
Tools used: Eclipse

Game of Three

This is the game I made for the mobile programming course. It is a quite addictive game where you need to place the moving objects on a grid by touching them. To score points get 3 or more of the same objects in a line. This makes them disappear, and a new shape of the same color will spawn. Initially I spend 7 weeks on this project, but my family really liked the game so I continued adding features and fixing bug after I finished the assignment.


  • All the elements in the game can be tweaked to make it exactly as difficult as you want.
  • High score list for every possible setting combination.
  • Supporting tablets and phones with multiple resolutions.
  • Multitouch supported, so playing co-op on a single device is possible.


Game of Three screenshot. 1
The main screen of the game.