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Duration: ±6 weeks
Date: January 2013
Course: Graphics programming 3
Tools used: OpenGL
Visual Studio 2010

Graphics assignments

Here are some of the assignments I did for the graphics programming 3 course in the 2nd year of IGAD.


  • Point light
    • Projected cubemap shadows
    • Hardware PCF
    • Poisson sampling
    • Light mapping coordinates automatically generated
    • Baked ambient generated with global illumination pathtracer
    • Raymarched god rays from shadow depth information
  • Particles
    • Different emitters
    • Modular behavior system
    • Billboard orientation is calculated in vertex shader
  • Terrain
    • Automatic texture mapping based on height and slope of the tarrain
    • Reflective water
    • Waving grass billboards


Demo video


Graphics demo screenshot 1
Point light with shadows.

Graphics demo screenshot 2
Self shadowing.

Graphics demo screenshot 3
Volumetric lighting giving god rays.

Graphics demo screenshot 4
Light source doesn't have to be on screen for god rays to work with this algorithm.

Graphics demo screenshot 5
Particles in a global iluminated Cornell box.

Graphics demo screenshot 6
Particles with different emitters and modules.

Graphics demo screenshot 7
Terrain with water and grass.