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Duration: ±4 weeks
Date: November 2013
Course: GPGPU
Tools used: OpenGL
Visual Studio 2010
Very sleepy

Fluid simulation

Simple fluid simulation based on the paper Fluid flow for the rest of us. The 2D simulation is running on a resolution of 800 by 480 and the 3D simulation is running on is 64 cubed. This is my assignment for the GPGPU class in the 3rd year of IGAD.


  • 2D and 3D fluid simulation using OpenGL compute shaders.
  • Simulation uses GPU texture memory.
  • Multiple colors.


Demonstration video


Fluid simulation screenshot 1
Fast movement in the 2D simulation.

Fluid simulation screenshot 2
Slow movement showing the different colors.

Fluid simulation screenshot 3
Random movement and diffusion.

Fluid simulation screenshot 4
The 3D simulation.

Fluid simulation screenshot 5
Fast movement in 3D.